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Quorania is a real estate developer that is committed to the wellbeing of people and to sustainability. Energy efficiency and quality represent two fundamental axis of our approach. We believe they help construct buildings that permit our clients save in the management of their household and, on top of this, they minimize the impact on the environment.


Our dwellings hold the Energy Certification A, thanks to the features with which they have been designed.


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Edificio sostenible Quorania

But we also want to live in a world full of beauty, and this is why we offer design housing, created by our architects with the aim to join beauty and functionality.

We want the world to be a happier place and, for this, we create homes ready to hold the most advanced technology to accompany you in this marvelous voyage of your private and professional life.

We mainly operate in the areas of El Maresme and El Barcelonès, two privileged areas, adjacent to exuberant natural parks and, at the same, time, close to amazing beaches.

When managing our business, we follow rigorous ethic criteria and, we ask that those who collaborate with us share our compromise to do things right.

We are part of the group Grup Terraclara, a company that is mainly in the real estate business, as well as with land-related activities, such as forest and farm management and the production and commercialization of agricultural products under the brand Sències.

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Ethical Commitment of the Grup Focomin, SL

Who we are

Grup Terraclara Focomin SL s a family business currently on their second and third generation. Our roots come from the Catalan “pagesia” (peasantry). The land and the soil are important elements of our legacy. With this soil we build sustainable houses, with the land we grow wholesome food and produce quality milk. Our legacy has allowed us to maintain and expand a real estate that is enjoyed by our clients, through a rent that is legally compliant, or through their participation in the events that take place in these properties. With our business, we contribute to the conservation of the environment and to the fulfillment of the needs of society, and we take care of our lands and our forests, which also serve society in this way.

Currently living throughout the world, the members of Grup Terraclara Focomin SL have expressed their desire that their Company acts with ethics and for the benefit not solely of its Partners and Employees but of the entire Society.

Our Ethical Commitment

The advisors, employees and partners of Grup Terraclara have been informed about our compromise to run our business in an ethical manner, within the legal framework and following any legal dispositions that are applicable, as well as by placing the necessary prevention mechanisms of possible crimes that our Entity could commit or in which it might see itself involved.

This commitment requires the involvement of our employees and partners by embracing it; it requires the execution and follow-up of the Rules and Protocols elaborated for this purpose and, specifically, it requires the disclosure of any situation or fact that diverts from these principles.

For that, Grup Terraclara has implemented an Ethics and Complaints email account where employees, partners and the public in general can notify any possible evidence, knowledge or suspicion they have about the following matters:

  • Failure to comply with applicable legislation and regulatory framework.
  • Failure to follow-up on protocols, procedures, and internal controls of the Focomin Group.
  • Behaviors, transactions, agreements and other deals that do not adhere to ethical behavior, or to good business practices.
  • Actions or omissions that may involve the commission of criminal offenses / criminal liability.
  • Any other fact that is considered relevant to comply with and follow the Ethical Commitment and Regulatory Compliance of the entity

Likewise, Grup Focomin has developed a Code of Ethics in which its Corporate Commitment and Responsibility Report on Regulatory Compliance is outlined in detail in all areas covered by the Law.


Summary of the Specific Rules of the Ethical Commitment of Grup Focomin

Here are some of the fundamental rules of our Ethical Commitment:

  • The Terraclara Group will ensure to avoid gender or ethnic discrimination at the workplace as well as in the rental of its properties, grounding its activity in the respect toward individuals. Therefore, our performance will comply with current regulation, being especially mindful of the rights of team members and rental tenants.
  • The Terraclara Group ensures that their staff members enjoy good working conditions leading to an acceptable performance, both personal and at their post. We also ensure the optimal security conditions in which they perform.
  • The Terraclara Group is committed to a responsible management of nature and the environment, carrying out its activities in a considerate manner, balancing it with the needs of the society to which it offers its products or services.
  • The Terraclara Group does not offer financial compensation, or any other type, to representatives of entities, companies or administrations in order to obtain advantages in their purchases or contracts awarded.
  • Likewise, employees and representatives of Terraclara Group may not accept any financial compensation, or any other type thereof, from the organizations or people they work with, beyond the proper courtesy details accepted as good practices and, provided it is not for the purpose of altering any decision criteria.
  • The companies and people who provide their services to The Terraclara Group see to the fulfillment of these rules by which the organization is managed, in a professional, loyal way, aligned with the interests of the organization.

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