1. Introduction

The right to privacy, and in particular the right to the protection of personal data is one of the values of Grup Terraclara Focomin, SL (hereinafter referred to as QUORANIA), which is included in our Code of Ethics.

The purpose of this policy is to explain how QUORANIA will treat the personal data that may be collected through the different formulaires that may be found on the web pages of SENCIES / QUORANIA / GRUP TERRACLARA. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and only for those purposes that you have consented to, as explained below in this General Privacy Policy and in each of the Privacy Policies in their different forms. 


  1. Commitment to Privacy

QUORANIA is fully committed to compliance with the regulations of the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union and the regulations regarding the protection of personal data in force at the time, being a priority for QUORANIA.

To this end, QUORANIA has taken the decision to implement the following principles, with privacy being the foundation on which all treatments are configured:

  • Transparency in data processing is one of our priorities, so whenever we obtain personal data about you, we will inform you about the corresponding privacy policy for the purposes of said handling.
  • We will only treat the data that is strictly necessary to carry out the data treatment that you have been informed of.
  • We will never force you to provide personal data, unless this is essential to provide you with the service that you request.
  • Whenever possible, we will put at your disposal easy means so that you can control your personal data.
  • We will not share data with any third party, except with those providers that will be delivering you a service, or with those whom, we have previously informed you about, and that you have consented to.


  1. Purposes of the data treatments

QUORANIA collects your personal data to be able to manage your requests and offer you the services and products that you may be interested in. Specifically, we treat your personal data with the following purposes:

  • To be able to answer your queries, questions or requests made through the customer service or communication channels identified in each web page, and to communicate you the solution or resolution.
  • To improve our web pages, services, products, and to offer a better service and content.
  • To receive alerts about products that may be of interest to you.
  • To manage the services requested and to comply with the provisions of current legislation.
  • To comply with Law 10/2010 of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • To send you commercial communications that will always be personalized and adapted to your interests about our products or services.
  • To study a business collaboration between the applicant and QUORANIA.
  • To analyze and investigate the reported facts.
  • To clarify you the facts communicated through our Ethics Line on an interview.
  • To get in touch with the interested party to be able to provide more information about any one particular product.
  • To manage the business relationship

In some cases it may be necessary to process your personal data to comply with legal obligations, or in relation to any contractual relationship we may have with you.

In the other cases, and whenever appropriate, we will ask for your consent to process your personal data. 


  1. Commercial Communications Send-Out.

Within the framework of its promotional activity, QUORANIA can provide resources for registration or subscription to news or commercial information of the company. These resources will always be subject to your consent before they are sent.

In the event that you provide your authorization, QUORANIA will send you customized information about our products, activities and services according to your taste and preferences.

You may revoke your consent to receive commercial communications at any time, through the link or button enabled for that purpose in each of the communications, or by communicating your willingness to revoke the consent through the following channels:

1.E.mail addressed to:

2. Regular mail with Re: “LOPD” addressed to: Plaza Francesc Macià 4, 1º2ª, 08021, Barcelona.


  1. Duration of the treatment of data and length of time for keeping them.

At SENCIES / QUORANIA, we are committed to only treating personal data for as long as they are actually useful to us and for as long as we can offer you a quality service through the use of this data. Therefore, we will make all reasonable and timely efforts to minimize the period of treatment and preservation of your personal data.

In this sense, we will inform you of the expected period of treatment and / or preservation of your personal data every time it is collected the various electronic means.

In any case, in the event you request us to delete your data, we will keep and maintain them, albeit properly blocked, for the period necessary to comply with our legal obligations and to making them available to the Authorities with competence in the different areas that are applicable.


  1. Ejercicio de derechos y reclamaciones ante la AEPD

As a consequence of the treatment of your personal data by QUORANIA, the current legislation grants you a series of rights. Below, we offer a summary explanation of each right, to facilitate the exercise of your rights:

  1. Right of access: You will have the right to know what personal data we have about you and the purposes with which we treat them.
  2. Right to rectify: Your data will always be yours, and as such, you can request us to rectify it at any time if what appears in our records were wrong.
  3. Right of suppression: You may request that your personal data be deleted from our files at any time. However, as indicated in the section on data conservation above, keep in mind that, in certain circumstances, compliance with current legislation may prevent the effective exercise of this right.
  4. 4Right of opposition: You may object to the processing of your data in relation to any of the purposes with which we treat your data, in accordance with the privacy policies applicable in each case.
  5. Right of limitation of treatment: You may request the limitation of treatment in the following cases:
    1. If you believe that the information we maintain about you is not correct or accurate;
    2. In the event you believe we are treating your data in an illegitimate way, but you prefer that we limit the treatment of, rather than we eliminate your data;
    3. If the information we keep is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, but you need to keep them to file a legal claim;
    4. If, having exercised the right of opposition to any treatment, you are awaiting a response on our part.
  6. Right to the portability of your data: Whenever it is technically possible and reasonable, you have the right to request that the personal data you provided us directly be communicated to another data controller. If feasible, we will provide your data directly to said data controller, otherwise, we will hand it out to you in a standard format.

Whenever we treat your data based on your consent, you can revoke this consent at any time, without further consequences beyond not being able to provide certain services according to the right exercised.

The exercise of the rights held may be made effective by contacting QUORANIA through one of the following means:

1.Email to be sent to:

2. Regular mail with Re: “LOPD” addressed to: Plaza Francesc Macià 4, 1º2ª, 08021, Barcelona.

In case you do not want to exercise a specific right, but have the need to make a query or suggestion regarding the processing of your personal data you can also use the addresses provided for the exercise of rights.

In any case, please note that you may always file a claim with the Competent Authority regarding data protection if you believe that we have not treated your data in a lawful manner or that we have not addressed your requests or rights.

In Spain, the above-said Competent Authority is the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


  1. Confidentiality and Security in data processing

Your personal data is very important to us, and we are committed to treating them with the utmost confidentiality and discretion, as well as to implement all security measures that we consider appropriate and reasonable.

In this sense, QUORANIA declares and guarantees that it has instituted all the technical means at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided by the users.


  1. Social Networks

Social Networks are part of the daily life of many Internet users, thus, we have created different profiles of SENCIES / QUORANIA on them.

All users may join the pages or groups that QUORANIA has in the different social networks.

However, you must take into account that, unless we request your information directly (for example, through marketing actions, contests, promotions, or any other valid form), your data will belong to the corresponding Social Network, so we recommend you that you read its conditions of use and privacy policies carefully, and that you make sure to configure your preferences regarding the treatment of your data.


9.International Transfers

In QUORANIA we keep your data in the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA).

If, in the future, we need to provide your data to service providers located in other countries, either for the need to provide the requested service, or to provide the service with the highest quality standards, SENCIES / QUORANIA will commit to applying all the measures and controls in order to guarantee and protect the processing of your personal data, such as:

  • Communication to countries that, despite not being part of the EU or the EEA, have been considered by the European Commission as countries that have data protection regulations that guarantee a level of security similar to that applicable in Europe.
  • Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission: The European regulator has foreseen that third countries do not have data protection regulations similar to those applicable in Europe, for which reason they have developed contract models designed to ensure that companies from countries that do not form part of the EU or the EEA comply with a similar level of protection. QUORANIA will sign these contracts as long as there is no equivalent alternative that guarantees the protection of your personal data.
  • Binding corporate rules: These are standards approved by companies that are reviewed and approved by Control Authorities, and which ensure that the company to whom we provide your data complies with an adequate level of protection in any country.
  • Certifications: In certain cases, the company to which we provide the data may have Data Protection Certificates that guarantee the correct use of your data in accordance with the regulations in force. 


  1. Contact to QUORANIA

If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal data, please contact us via:

1.Email to be sent to: .

2. Regular mail with Re: “LOPD” addressed to: Plaza Francesc Macià 4, 1º2ª, 08021, Barcelona.



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