Sustainable Homes with High-End Features in Tiana

At the forefront of innovation and energy efficiency.

Eco-efficient Homes

The Aire Buildings in Tiana hold the energy certificate “A+”, thanks to the energy features with which it has been built.

Símbolo Emisiones

This carries on the philosophy of other Quorania promotions, based on ethical behavior, the commitment to sustainable development and the improvement of the quality of life of both our customers and society in general.

Urbanización Creu del Terme de Tiana


Sustainable Housing in Tiana

Promotion of 7 Eco-efficient homes in the Creu del Terme de Tiana Urbanization, Creu del Terme Avenue with Carrer Sant Isidre.

Technical Specifications

Avoidance of harmful materials (PVC, formaldehyde, etc.). Use of certified materials instead.

Disposal System: ecological polypropylene downspouts instead of PVC.

Façade insulation: Rigid rock wool panel instead of extruded polystyrene.

Plastic paint: ecological and without volatile organic components.

Kitchen furniture: VALCUCINE Demode, sustainable design, 100% recycled products without formaldehyde emissions and woods that do not originate from the destruction of primary forests.

  • Aluminum Enclosures: 100% recycled aluminum from TECHNAL.

Use of local materials to avoid long-distance transport, as well as natural and recycled goods whenever possible guaranteeing quality standards.

The concepts of sustainability applied to the building help to save energy as well as to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Rational design of the project in accordance with the orientation, the solar protection systems, the solar contribution in winter, the insulation and the inertia of the building to minimize energy demand.

  • Façades: Ventilated façades to avoid energy losses. Use of the most convenient solar protection depending on the orientation of each façade.
  • Roofing: Inverted roofing to avoid energy losses.
  • Windows: Windows with thermal bridge break and low emissive glass.
  • Ventilation: East-West cross ventilation.

Distribution: The rooms of the apartments have a minimum of one hour of direct sunlight between 10am and 2pm of the winter solstice.

The building is designed to reduce the energy consumption of the building and resources, both with the use of efficient systems and renewable energy or resource utilization.

  • Air conditioning: Air-water heat pump through Aerothermia. Separate installation for each home. Low energy consumption
  • ACS production: Heat pump by means of Aerothermia. Separate system for each home with a 200-liter cylinder connected to the heat pump. Low energy consumption during the winter and free hot water during the summer when the cooling system works, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Air renewal: Heat recovery in the air treatment system. Timed.

Within our philosophy, which is based on ethical behavior and sustainable development, it is of great importance to be respectful with the environment.

These properties considerably reduce the energy demand and thus the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Dual discharge tanks, faucets with aerators, rainwater collection for irrigation, drip irrigation.

On-site waste management. Wastewater in a separative network. Community facility for selective collection of household waste.

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