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Promotion of 13 Sustainable Homes in Tiana (El Maresme)

just 10 minutes from Barcelona

Sustainable design homes in Tiana

L’Om de Tiana is a promotion based on respect for the environment and with an A energy certificate for all its homes.

Símbolo Emisiones

From this standpoint, L’Om de Tiana is not only an economically sound investment, but also a commitment to the future of our planet.

Promoción Maresme L'Om de Tiana


Brand new, sustainable housing in Tiana

L’Om de Tiana is a new housing development built in a sustainable manner and respecting the environment. With an attractive and innovative design, our homes are equipped for the life of a modern family.

Available Apartments
Square meters of garden areas.

From 225.000€

2, 3 and 4 bedrooms

Ground floor duplex appartments with garden.

Duplex penthouses with solarium terrace

Communal swimming pool area.

Herb garden


Charging outlet for electrical vehicle for each home.

AA Energy Rating

Building 1

BuildingHomeFloorBedroomsSquare Meters BuiltExtra featuresPricePlansStatus
1B1Ground4144,50 m2121,75 m2 GardenSold
1B2Ground4144,50 m2Dúplex
Jardín de 152,70 m2
Balcón de 15,60 m2
11.1First floor4111,45 m236,50 m2 BalconyAvailable
12Second floor3+1159,20 m2Dúplex
Balcón de 36,50 m2
Terraza de 41,95 m2
12.2Second floor2+1105,90 m2Dúplex
Balcón de 15,90 m2
Terraza de 45,50 m2


Building 2

BuildingHomeFloorBedroomsSquare Meters BuiltExtra featuresPricePlansStatus
2B1Ground4+1140,95 m2Dúplex
170,50 m2 Garden
2B2Ground4126,85 m2Dúplex
40,90 m2 Garden and 20,44 m2 Balcony
2B3Ground4+1138,00 m2Dúplex
122,54 m2 Garden and 7,00 m2 Balcony
21.1First floor271,60 m213,30 m2 BalconySold
21.2First floor257,20 m220,40 m2 BalconySold
21.3First floor271,60 m27,00 m2 BalconySold
22.1Second floor3+1151,80 m213,50 m2 Balcony and 31,00 m2 TerraceSold
22.2Second floor3+1161,90 m27,20 m2 Balcony and 36,70 m2 TerraceSold


Car Parks and Storage Units

Parking Spaces and Storage UnitsPrice
Pack: 2 parking spaces + 1 storage unit22.500€
Pack: 2 parking spaces + 1 storage unito25.000€

Download the technical specifications here.


Living in Tiana. Enjoying nature, connected with the future.

Close to the sea, yet in the heart of the Serralada de Marina, a protected natural area, Tiana offers all the peacefulness of a small coastal town. With little more than 8,000 inhabitants, the city has maintained a low population rate in its territory, preserving its valuable natural spaces, and a relaxed and healthy lifestyle.


Wellbeing and “slow living” by the Barcelona seashore

Tiana is located within the Barcelona metro-area, in the southernmost part of El Maresme, just 15 kilometers away from the Catalan capital and 20 kilometers from Mataró, the capital of El Maresme. With its vocation as a small town immersed in nature, Tiana offers wellbeing and slow living just 20 minutes away from the center of Barcelona.

A protected natural environment

The Serralada de Marina is a protected natural area managed by the Diputación de Barcelona (the Barcelona Provincial Council). With its more than 3000 hectares, it offers a privileged example of a natural Mediterranean environment, with varied microclimates and where the presence of oak woods abounds. An ideal space to walk and play sports in the middle of nature.


An active live in a “slow” setting.

Tiana is a small town, which offers the comfort of living in the middle of nature; yet, it is well connected with both public and private transport. Tiana offers the possibility of living an active life in a slow environment, full of sensations and surrounded by nature.

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