Energy-efficient and respectful of the Environment

Sustainability and respect for our environment

Our homes are built with sustainability criteria, which ensure respect for the environment and lower energy consumption, therefore lower spending. Our real estate developments blend the best of two worlds: an intelligent use of the resources of our planet and an efficient management of the household economy.

How we create sustainable buildings

The concepts of sustainability applied to construction help to save energy and also reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Esquema de funcionamiento energético

Passives Actions

The building is reasonably designed according to solar orientation; solar protection systems; solar contribution in winter; insulation, and inertia of the building to minimize energy demand.


Inverted or sandwich-type roofing with high-density insulation.


Cross ventilation for natural regulation of indoor temperature.

Garden areas

Native deciduous species, which protect from the sun during the summer.

Photo-catalytic outdoor flooring.


With breakage of thermal bridge and low emission glass to avoid energy loss through the glass and profiles. The houses have large windows to guarantee natural lighting.


Living areas oriented so as to guarantee sun in winter and large overhangs to shade them during the summer.


Light-colored facades with air chamber and double insulation of rock wool and steam barrier.

Treatment of thermal bridges.

Active Actions

Active actions are those that aim to reduce the energy consumption of the building and the consumption of resources, both through the use of efficient systems and through the use of renewable energies or resource utilization.


Air conditioning

Air-water heat pump through aerothermia. Individual system for each dwelling.

Low energy consumption and, therefore, considerably lower CO2 emissions.

Home automation

A pre-installation that allows each user to customize the control system with the installations they deem most appropriate for their homes.

Air renewal

Independent system by means of an extractor with three different speeds.

DHW Production

Heat pump through aerothermia. Individual system for each dwelling, with low energy consumption during the winter and practically none during the summer, so that CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Electrical supply

Electric lighting of common areas with LED lights.
Timed community lighting or presence detectors.
Charging outlet, for an electric vehicle in the parking lot, for each of the dwellings.

Photovoltaic plates

Installation of photovoltaic panels to provide lighting in common areas, thus minimizing community expenses.

Respect for the environment

Beyond energy consumption, our buildings help you to be more respectful with the environment.

Land used

Minimal plot occupancy, keeping the ground unpaved, with the exception of areas with underground floors or when it is essential, to encourage drainage and minimize water collection.

Waste management

On-site waste management; wastewater in a separate network; installation of a selective waste collection for the community.

Reduction of water consumption

Dual discharge tanks, taps with aerators and rainwater collection for irrigation.

Recycled Materials

Use of recycled materials

Aluminum joinery

Natural and Local Resources

We keep resources imports to a minimum to avoid long-distance transport. The use of natural materials such as stoneware, wood, stone, and the like is favored.

Materials of low-environmental impact

Avoiding harmful materials and promoting the use of certified materials.

– Rock wool insulation.
– Laminated wood flooring.
– Paints with low formaldehyde emissions.

Healthy Home

Comfort and Quality

Design of quality homes, and functionality aimed at meeting the needs of today’s families, with a must to create a healthy habitat for its dwellers.

Indoor Materials

Ecological paints
Laminated wood flooring Formaldehydes-free
Rock wool insulation

Outdoor Materials

Photo-catalytic pavements
Herb garden
Bicycle Parking
Saline swimming pools


Both in common areas and in every apartment

Housing with double energy rating “A”. Estimated reduction of 30% in, with savings of €30 per month per apartment.

High durability materials.

Common areas with savings in both electricity and water consumption and in general maintenance.

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