Development of 19 eco-efficient homes in Barcelona

Les Gaures is a development of new sustainable homes, designed to enjoy maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption, whilst being environmentally friendly.

No. of homes
Available homes
m² of garden areas

Sustainable housing in Barcelona

Les Gaures has a class AB energy rating. The improvement of energy efficiency is based on the optimisation of production processes and energy consumption, as well as the use of renewable energy sources.

In keeping with Quorania’s housing developments, and thanks to our work ethic, we are committed to sustainability and the improvement of the quality of life of both our clients and society in general.

Certificado energético AB

Building 1, Arenys 58

887FloorHomeBedroomsBathroomsUseable m2Constructed m2BalconiesTerracesPricesStatus
Ground2257,67 m269,54 m2Sold
First3265,75 m278,51 m2Sold
Second3265,75 m278,51 m26,81 m2Sold
Second3265,90 m278,51 m290,05 m2Sold
Third3265,75 m278,51 m26,81 m2Sold
Third3265,90 m278,51 m26,81 m2Sold
Fourth3265,75 m278,51 m26,81 m2Sold
Fourth3265,90 m278,51 m26,81 m2Sold

Building 2, Fastenrath 51

FloorHomeBedroomsBathroomsUseable m2Constructed m2BalconiesTerracesPricesStatus
Ground3273,31 m285,79 m2117,09 m2Sold
First3276,18 m289,98 m211,59 m2Sold
Second3276,18 m289,98 m211,59 m2Sold
Third3276,18 m289,98 m211,59 m2Sold
Third1143,43 m251,11 m228,16 m2Sold
Third1140,59 m248,08 m231,67 m2Sold
Fourth3276,18 m289,98 m211,59 m2Sold
Fourth2146,11 m254,47 m25,32 m2Sold
Fourth2150,79 m259,60 m25,32 m2Sold
Fifth2150,18 m259,60 m25,32 m244,99 m2Sold
Fifth2146,11 m254,47 m25,32 m244,99 m2-Sold

Parking and storage

Parking + storagePrice
Parking from18.000€
Storage from3.000€

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The real Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most advanced cities in the world, centred on innovation, the latest trends and tourism. The picturesque streets of its old quarters, attract more than 10 million tourists every year, happy to find all kinds of culinary and entertainment offerings. Barcelona is the dream city for many people.
Of course Barcelona is home to workers and residents. Couples, young families with small children and older people. Barcelona is also an active city with people who love preserving their identity. The neighbourhoods represent the real heart of the city, areas of authenticity and real life which is its most valuable and undeniable heritage.

A well communicated area close to the forest

La Teixonera es un barrio situado en lo alto del Turó de la Creueta del Coll, que a través del tiempo ha ido evolucionando. La Teixonera is a neighbourhood located at the top of Turó de la Creueta del Coll, which has evolved over time.
Located between the neighbourhoods of la Vall d’Hebron, la Clota, el Carmel and el Coll (district of Gràcia), it was formed in the period 1915-1930. Known by the name of Colònia Taxonera, it was developed by Joaquim Taxonera, the owner of those lands. The original houses that were built were small houses of few floors and with garden.
It is a very well communicated area close to Ronda de Dalt ring road, a main access to the city connecting the city centre by an intensive public transport network. Nearby the lung of all the Barcelona region, Collserola mountain, Coll hill and other green are areas used by runners, bikers, hikers and anyone who simply feels like taking a stroll among typical Mediterranean trees and plants.

A welcoming and family neighbourhood

There is a widely used expression in Cataluña “de tota la vida” (old habits die hard, in English). It is used to identify something that has always been done a certain way, which is part of the tradition and local culture. Something that is known through family. That’s what La Teixonera neighbourhood is all about: an area where people still recognise and greet each other when they meet on the street. An original neighbourhood where young people once grown up, stay to start their own family. It is also a welcoming area for those who arrive from elsewhere. It is easy to create a family and find a place to live and enjoy life here.

Barrio de La Teixonera